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Product name : Silicone Rubber Roller for Hot Stamping Machine
Item : SRR
Price : To be inquired
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Silicone Roller

Technical Parameters

Item Name Silicone rubber roller
Model No SRR
Material 100% silicone 
Shore hardness 40-90 degree
Temperature           250-300℃


Hot Stamping Silicone Rubber Roller /repair rubber roller,hot stamping silicone roller,manifdder roller,heat transfer print roller.lamination printing machine and etc

Silicon Roller, products quality get to America, Japan’s related products quality.,temperature resistance 250-300℃,shore hardness 40-90 degree,good elasticity, Good separability between silicon glue and polyester film 。Size could be made based on customer’s requirement for cutting or grinding!

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Price: To be inquired