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Products > UV Printer > > Magnetic Label UV Inkjet Printer
Product name : Magnetic Label UV Inkjet Printer
Item : FA-Q8901
Price : To be inquired
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Magnetic Label UV Inkjet Printer

Device parameters:
Productivity:5000-12000 sheets(ISO standard card writing magnetic),if only the fastest 45m/min for coding
Product Specifications:30-160MM
Total power:11KW
Power supply:220VAC,50HZ
Air source:0.5MPA
Total weight:1120KG
Printing objects:dynamic text,counter,date,dynamic barcode,static text,picture
Barcode type:one-dimensional code(EAN28,Code25,Code39,Code93,Code128,
QR code(PDF417,DataMatrix,Maxi Code,QR Code,etc.)
IC/ID reading and writing,magnetic writing,labeling,UV printing all-in-one machine,
magnetic writing+UV printing more than 10,000 per hour,one person to operate.
Greatly improve productivity and solve the following problems:1.Coders are difficult
to recruit and their wages are high.2.The coder scratches the card greatly,the color of
the embossed characters is easy to fall off,and it is easy to mess up the number.3.If
there is a situation of 2,the magnetic writing cannot be matched,and the machine
scratches the card surface twice.Therefore,we choose to write magnetic UV coding
and labeling in one,which saves people,trouble and money,and has high efficiency
and high output.
The machine integrates standard card issuance,double detection,IC/ID card reading
and writing,automatic magnetic writing,intelligent flip,non-standard card issuance,
ion surface treatment,DOD coding,UV cold light curing,OCR detection,labeling,bad
Fully automatic UV printing system integrating card rejection and material receiving;
this machine has been made modular,the maximum printing width is 72MM(54,72,
144MM can be achieved),the printing accuracy is 300-720DPl,and the fastest printing
speed:45m/min,the operation is simple,convenient and fast.

The main purpose:
1.It can carry out personalized printing processing for PVC cards,smart cards,
magnetic cards,etc.
2.Smart card detection,password change,data writing,printing UlD number,etc.
3.One object one code printing,such as dynamic database,variable two-dimensional
code,variable barcode,text,etc.
4.Can write magnetic on all three tracks of magnetic card membership card.

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